The Gardener

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool #5

These tools are so much fun!  They allow those of us who aren't necessarily artistic (painting, drawing, etc....) to be able to be creative and have the work actually look good!  I have started a Mixbook, but it is going to take more time than I have right now!  It is a book documenting my trip to Chicago and the experience I had at KSLP this summer!

Tool #4

The leadership team has used Google Doc quite a bit.  It is definitely better than sending documents back and forth on email.  We have found that Chrome works for Google Docs but Explorer doesn't!    I had never seen the Google form before, that is an awesome way to make a test.  I will be interested to see who uses that and if it works out or not!

Tool #3

My theme song for the new school year!  The only behavior I can control is my own!

I also learned about Fair Use and Copyright, which I have learned about in the past too.  I do think we need to work on this with our kids, this is probably a section that needs to be talked about each year, throughout the year.  I liked the idea of having the students take pictures to have in the class Dropbox to use when they need pictures.  I have been using DropBox for a while, and I love it.  I always have access to my documents, no matter where I am, as long as I have my phone!  Our leadership team uses Dropbox quite a bit.

Tool #2

I just read at least one post on everyone from NMS who has posted on their blog!  I am very impressed and excited for the students at Northbrook Middle School who have teachers who have done such awesome work this summer.  Those classrooms will have ipads and netbooks and will be able to use some of the great web 2.0 tools!  Much of what I read was how easy most of the participants thought the tools were, that is good also!  I also heard a theme regarding rigor, relevance, and using the tools when it is appropriate!

Tool #1

The 11 tools so far has been good.  I liked learning how to add a gadget.  Let's see what else there is to learn!